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Original site – The Chauvet Cave is a Paleolithic cavern discovered in 1994 close to the Arched Bridge (Pont d’Arc) by three potholers from the Ardèche, Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire.

On the cavern’s walls they found around 1,000 drawings and engravings – 425 of them pictures of 14 different animal species – that are incredibly well preserved. Some date back further than 36,000 years, putting them amongst some of the oldest known drawings in the world.


The cavern is also an exceptional Paleontological find with more than 3,000 bone fragments from cave bears visible on the cave floor.

The Chauvet Cave was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site on 25 June 2014 in recognition of the significance of these findings.


As the original site was deemed too fragile for public access, a 3,500 m² replica cave was built at Vallon Pont d’Arc, just a few kilometres from the actual cave.

Named the Pont d’Arc Cavern, the replica site comprises a discovery area, an exhibition gallery, an educational centre and a restaurant.

Grotte ornée du Pont d'Arc - dite Chauvet


Vallon Pont d'Arc

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