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Areas of outstanding natural beauty

Cirque des Gens
Cirque des Gens is an ideal place to go for a swim or a walk.As one of the largest rock climbing areas in Ardèche, it also appeals to amateur climbers
Scenic route
Departing from Tournon town centre (opposite the cinema), the route opens out on to spectacular views across the Rhône Valley.
Tournon sur Rhône
The Beaume River
The Beaume River with its babbling, clear water is a tributary of the Ardèche.It flows from Loubaresse in the Tanargue massif towards the south-east before emptying into the River Ardèche between...
the Jaubernie troglodyte caves
Since prehistoric times, the Jaubernie troglodyte caves have provided refuge for inhabitants during religious wars.They are visible only from the hiking trail.
Brison Tower
Well-known in southern Ardèche for its strategic position atop a hill at 781m high, Brison Tower looks out over a vast area reaching from the Coucoulude rock near Loubaresse to Coiron, Dent de Rez...
Ibie Valley
The Ibie Valley stretches along 30 kms connecting Villeneuve de Berg and Vallon Pont d’Arc.Its riverbed runs dry for most of the year, while its villages are typical of the Ardèche, separated mostly...
Saint Maurice d'Ibie
From the Ardèche mountains to the mouth of the Doux River, the Doux Valley is a subtle blend of gentle contours, forest and pastures. Set off from Tournon towards Lamastre.
Boucieu le Roi
Macheville Church
Of Roman origin, the church is a mix of architecture from various centuries. Inside, 10 capitals can be dated back to the 11th Century although they were renovated when the Jesuits partially rebuilt...
Soutron Rock
Enjoy a superb panoramic view from the rock over the Alps… and why not visit the 17th-century chapel of Saint Julien de Soutron while you’re there?
The Boutières
The Boutières circle outlines the shape of the ancient volcano that used to exist on this site. On a clear day you can enjoy an exceptional view of the distant Alps from the orientation table found...
Chassezac Gorges
The source of the Chassezac River lies at the foot of wooded hills 1503m high in Lozère and joins the Ardèche river near Saint Alban Auriolles.The Chassezac Gorges are part of the Vivarais province...
Malarce sur la Thines
Pont d’Arc (Arch Bridge)
A natural arched bridge found at the start of the Ardèche gorges, 5km from the town of Vallon Pont d’Arc.Carved out of the rock by the Ardèche River, the Pont d’Arc stands at 54m high and 60m across...
Vallon Pont d'Arc
The administrative centre of Ardèche, Privas is currently the least populated of France’s regional authorities.It is also, together with Aubenas, the capital of the glazed chestnut and chestnut...
Sceautres Neck
Lying away from the main tourist areas, up on the Coiron plateau, Sceautres was built at the foot of the largest basaltic neck in Europe.A ‘neck’ is a mountain peak of hard rock formed from the...
Site touristique Ardeche, lieux à visiter en ardèche
Ardèche Découverte vous propose une sélection de sites touristiques à visiter en Ardèche pour des vacances réussies.
Gerbier de Jonc
Home to the source of the River Loire, the 1551m-high Gerbier de Jonc is also a marvellous natural viewing point.It’s easy to climb and once on top you’ve got stunning panoramic views of the Alps,...
Saint Martial
Coiron is a basaltic plateau located between Aubenas, Le Teil and Privas.Perfect for cycling, walking or to discover the different buildings and villages built in the black basaltic stone...
Ardèche Gorges
Winding for 30km between Vallon Pont d’Arc and St Martin d’Ardèche, the gorges and their famous Pont d’Arc are the biggest tourist magnet in Ardèche.Many people choose to discover the gorges by canoe...
Vallon Pont d'Arc
Mount Mézenc
At 1754m high, Mount Mézenc is part of the volcanic Massif mountain range.It lies at the heart of one of Europe’s most original volcanic provinces where a phonolitic relief is set against a very...
Having manoeuvred the bends of the Ay River as far as Rô Bridge, you can see the ruins of Oriol tower, once part of a strategic Medieval castle that looked out over the rocks and terrain below.
Rochebonne Castle
Situated in Saint Martin de Valamas, ruins of a fortified castle built in the 11th and 13th centuries, offering a wide-reaching view across the Boutières region. 
Saint Martin de Valamas
Issarlès Lake
A natural volcanic lake reaching 138m deep, 5km in circumference and covering 90 hectares, it is perfect for swimming (lifeguard in attendance in summer) or for relaxing on the sandy beach.In summer,...
Lac d'Issarlès
Montbrun Caves
A troglodyte village carved into the basaltic rock of a volcano gap.There’s a magnificent panoramic view across the Mirabel region, including basaltic flows hardened on the limestone and marl...
Saint Gineys en Coiron
Stretching across 48 hectares surrounded by forest, the lake is a focal point for water leisure activities – sailing (French sailing school), swimming in summer, fishing…
Aubenas Castle
A listed historic monument, this fortified castle was built as an elegant residence in the 18th Century.It houses a fine collection of paintings, sculptures and engravings, and there’s a superb view...
La Besorgue
Labastide sur Bésorgues
Ruoms Scenic Route
A narrow, sinewy road (at various points gouged through the rock) running along the deep Ardèche canyon between Ruoms and Largentière
Crussol Castle
One of 18 national heritage listed sites in Ardèche, Crussol castle is a Medieval fortress overlooking the Rhône Valley that dates back to the early 12th Century.A great place to go for a walk with...
Saint Péray
The lake is enclosed in a pretty natural setting with a path stretching right around its edge. Learn about the surrounding landscape and the various birds that come to the lake from the information...
Cance Valley
The source of the River Cance lies at the Baraques pass (not far from the source of the River Doux).It flows along more than 40km, crossing Annonay, before joining the Rhône at Sarras. Right in the...
Lalouvesc Basilica
Designed by the architect Pierre Bossan in the Neo-Byzantine style, the 19th-century basilica contains the relics of the Vivarais apostle St Jean-François Régis.
The Daronne River is situated between Nozières and the hamlet of Sibila. The remarkable natural beauty of the gorges is complemented by superb views out over the looping Daronne below.
Colombier le Vieux
Ray Pic
Driving along the road from Péreyres to Lachamp-Raphaël you’ll come across a viewing platform looking across to the Ray Pic waterfall.Better still, drive down to the site and take the steps leading...
Eyrieux Valley
the Eyrieux River is a tributary of the Rhône that begins its journey from nearby the Devesset Lake.It is one of the main rivers in the Cévennes region, widening the Rhône between Lyon and Avignon,...
Saint Sauveur de Montagut
St Martial Lake
An artificial lake set in a broad, low relief volcano, it partly nestles inside what was a vast exploded crater.
Saint Martial
Mirabel Tower
The tower is all that remains of the village’s ancient fortifications, having somehow survived the religious wars.It offers a great view right across the valley.
Duzon Natural Pools
The Duzon and the Daronne are the only tributaries of the River Doux, situated between Tournon and Boucieu le Roi. These natural reservoirs at Duzon are giant torrent pools whose deep water boils and...
Boucieu le Roi
Drobie Valley
Drobie Valley in southern Cévennes is cited as a “paysage de référence” by the Monts d’Ardèche regional natural park.The River Drobie has exceptionally steep banks and small furrows in the earth...
The Borne Gorges
The source of the River Borne is found in the town that shares the same name. This wild valley is perfect for days out canyoning and/or hiking.
The Tanargue
The Tanargue is a mountain range reaching an altitude of 1511m that stretches between the Beaume, Borne and Lignon valleys.It is famed for its location on the dividing line between the Atlantic Ocean...
Tchier de Borée
Tchier de Borée is a modern Megalithic site made up of carved stones named and arranged to have a specific meaning… A work of art in the Boutières province.
Devil’s Bridge
Dating from the Roman era, the bridge stands 17m high.Overlooking the Ardèche River, it has some lovely spots for swimming or walking, as well as a devilish legend or two to tell.
Païolive Woods
An ancient forest stretching over 16 km², the woods are considered an important heritage site due to their rich biodiversity, natural habitats and the stoney landscape dissected by the Chassezac...
Les Vans
Escrinet Pass
Located in the Vivarais mountains of Ardèche at 787m altitude between Aubenas and Privas, the pass has superb views over the surrounding landscape of both towns
Saint Etienne de Boulogne
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