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Poultry (chicken, guinea fowl, turkey). Adret lamb, Velay vealSaucisson from Ardèche, Ham from Ardèche, LambGerbier de Jonc potatoes, Cherries and Apricots from the Ardèche Mountain, dairy...
A fairly dry goat’s cheese made from untreated milk. It can be eaten fresh in salads or as a more mature cheese. It is also tasty marinated in olive oil and aromatic herbs.
Regional Quality Food Labels
Régal Viande (Meat Feast)Beef, pork, veal and lamb from livestock reared in Ardèche  La Baguette ardéchoise®Baguettes made from wheat, rye and chestnut flour 100% grown and produced in Ardèche  ...
Mézenc Fin Gras (marbled beef)
A marbled beef that comes from 2 year-old plus heifers or from castrated males reared for at least 30 months. Fed on hay and grass on the mountainous Mézenc region and fattened over the winter with...
Ardèche is France’s leading chestnut producer. Chestnut purée can be eaten on its own, mixed with fromage blanc, or as a filler in pancakes, but there are also a whole host of recipes that include...
Goûtez l'Ardèche
This label indicates food products that are made in Ardèche, using a main ingredient grown or produced locally, and that reflect the values of the region. Businesses, producers and restaurants are...
Les Vignerons d’Ardèche is a group of Ardèche wine-makers who have joined forces to provide a more personalised welcome for customers. Wherever you see the “Accueil Vigneron” logo, you know you can...
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